I am Systematic Mermaid

A Guardian of light and a seeker of truth. I may not be a superhero in the light of the day walkers but I save hearts through my daily life.

You see I believe that we all have a superman inside of us and we face daily battles we must rise from and make choices that effect ourselves and those around us and it is up to us to trust in our hearts to do the right thing as a hero would.

From a young girl I felt a magic in this world and I always felt like I was meant for great things. I felt the fire burning inside of and I knew deep down that I would be a light worker, a healer for the broken hearts. A sign of hope and a voice of truth that would guide many onto the right path.

In my life I have faced many battles, most within myself and from the ones I was closest to. I have been in the shadows of my greatness and what I was, who I am was hidden from everyone. No one could ever see the light inside of me, no one could see the burning heart and the fire that burned. My good deeds went un-noticed and it didn’t matter, I kept on and fallowed my destiny. I took time to meditate and build on my gifts and spoke out the truth of knowledge I bare, only to be pushed deeper and deeper into the shadows.

Sometimes a hero lives in the shadows.

I have Struggled with the words of the darkness that follow me through people closest to me, that seek to bulldoze the good that surrounds my heart, but the one thing that protects me. The one thing that they do not realize when they bring their fire, is this truth I am going to share with you all.

“I stare the darkness down with a gaze of truthful fire and burn my light bright. I rain in the sun when the shadow surrounds me and hides me from the seekers who cast me down and when I hit the ground by the words of their daggers I rise up.

You see, the darkness that attacks has one goal and one goal only… To break you down.

Do not falter and do not fail… There is a darkness and a light in all things and it is a balance that keeps us. A balance that helps us and guides us, it is a beauty that is cast away because many believe darkness has no beauty and only light can lead you to the golden sun again, but I am here to tell all of you who choose to listen that I am ready.

I may be invisible to many and my gifts may not be seen to those who allow the seekers to challenge me through their words, but I fight my own battles in the shadows. I am a hero.

I live by my heart and I speak from my knowledge and I have been turned to stone many times over by the words of knives that strike me down.

I have been cast aside as an egotistic, manipulative crazy person for believing in spirituality and knowing the spiritual gifts that myself and many possess and for this I speak it out. I speak my truth and I have no shame in being who I am, for I know who I am truly. Beyond this body I bare I know my true identity. I know my soul and where I come from, I know my tale and I know my ability’s and in time many more will know of their own.

I used to tell people I am different… only because they see and paint the world differently and I was marked as the same but cast as different at the same time. I didn’t fit a category, I didn’t fit into any one group of people. I am a free spirit an ancient healer and I hold much knowledge I haven’t even tapped fully into yet.

One thing I do know, is that no matter the battles I face and the hate that strives to break me down, I am a fighter for the right and a guardian of the light and I will protect, love and heal many. No matter if it’s known I will do as I was chosen to do and spread truth and give love to whomever seeks it.

I do not wish to alter anyone’s beliefs, I choose to be a beacon for those searching for answers, for other light workers looking to relate to someone who believes as they do.

I take a look around and we have long forgotten the magic in this world, believing in the true science only. Sight, touch, taste, smell, hear.

But they missed one, a very special one in fact. One that is harder to prove…

“Feel…” You see we all have an intuition, a calling. A voice inside of us that sends sensors out when we are in danger, or have a feeling of good coming. Knowing something, sensing something that can’t be proven until it takes place. You see this is the secret of the universe that gets turned over in pages many times. As I have told many…

You don’t always need to see something to know it’s there, the beauty remains in tact just as it is. Untouched and untainted, it is pure and truth and it stands without proof needed and in the hearts of the hero’s the one’s who spread hope, we know this.

I am Systematic Mermaid and I am a Guardian of Light.

I send healing light and love to those who read this.

“Knowledge is a gift”