A powerful feeling isn’t it, and a dangerous one at that because it has a secret line to the heart that can either cause lust or love and if it causes love watch out. My gawd is love unpredictable and trouble, but it is also beautiful and the most powerful enriching thing in this life. I love the meaning of love if anyone could ever define it and I love what it does for me and how it changes my view of things and people. Love is the cure to all darkness, because it is an ongoing light that shines beauty on anything distant and dark radiating it’s everlasting glow, leaving you with the simple, yet sweet thought and feeling of “love”

Love can be messy and I know the mess of love very well and I know what it’s like to love some one so much, but get so mad about how much you love someone because they can drive you mad when they don’t understand you or love you the way you desire them to.

So attraction… I love attraction and by gawd we all have it for someone or some thing, we pick out our very clothes using attraction. We are attracted to certain things because they reflect us in some way or another. We are living as a mirror and when we see someone or something that looks back at us then we want it. Attraction is a desire and it can become a need. The point of this blog is nothing lol. I just wanted to write about how strong attraction can be and how it forms love so strongly that you will walk on coal just to have it. If there is no strong attraction, then what’s the point. Love pushes us to face our fears and do things we have never done and take risks and it started with a small attraction that snowballed into the mother ship.

Think about that next time your attracted to an across the room stranger, “Who are you building your ship for”  (really?)

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