Fridays Give Me “Hello”

Today I did my laundry down at the laundry mat which isn’t too exciting for a Friday, but at least it makes my bedroom look cleaner. Well… not so much right now with my clothes folded on it. I still have to put it away, have a hot shower to get warm and then decide on my dinner. I want veggies and rice and hmm… not sure what will be my meat choice tonight. I haven’t heard much from date man, but he’s probably busy or not that interested after hot chocolates last night.

I shall find my true love eventually, I am just enjoying life and single life for now and taking a chance and putting myself out there in the dating world for the first time. Hopefully the last time to. Ha!

I move in a few weeks, yay. So I am getting pretty excited about that except for the fact I wont have a couch to sit on. That sucks a tad and hopefully I can get the couch I like from this one store before then. “Sigh” I really want it. Well I’d like the set, but I would settle for just the long one for now. I also need new end tables and night stands and dressers. My gawd, so much I still need for my place, but as my mommyboo says. One thing at a time. 🙂 “Love you mommyboo”


One thought on “Fridays Give Me “Hello”

  1. I sooooo hate laundry. With veggies and rice I like to eat chicken but then again I like baked chicken. You can put so many different seasonings on it. I dont know how anyone could not be interested in you so maybe he just got busy, or just dont want to appear to eager and pushy so giving it a little time. I am glad you know you will find your true love in time. I believe that is true also and with you believing that then you will be okay in waiting for it to happen. You should enjoy single life just as you always enjoy and even seem to relish in life. Your mom is a smart lady. One thing at a time.

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