I have cable, But I don’t watch it?

Okay, it has come to my attention that I included cable into my service place, yet I don’t even take any time to sit down and watch it? Why is that? Ha! I bet if I didn’t have it I would finally feel like it and then I wouldn’t have the ability to turn it on and watch something stupid. Well something…

I love watching movies, but I haven’t lately because of packing. It’s hard to sit down for two hours watching a movie when your mind is focused on moving and packing and not forgetting things that you have to remember. I think once I get settled into my new place things will settle down and I can finally relax and just enjoy my life finally and make something fun of it. I know I don’t really like the place I’m moving into, but it’s cheaper, it has a dishwasher and a storage and it’s big enough for me and my little one even though he has to be in my room now.

It will be okay, I know it will, I will just make it pretty and girly and put lots of energy into it. 🙂 and perhaps put some use into my cable… or not. lol

One thought on “I have cable, But I don’t watch it?

  1. I am actually thinking about cutting my cable out. I really dont watch it. Its mostly on for sound I think. I love old movies (and by old I dont mean 80’s) but it is getting harder to find those.

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