Yawn :0 Is it morning?

I woke up, my sinuses are still being buttmunches, It’s like a nose cold or allergies, they always act up in the morning so I’m thinking it’s allergies. Maybe dust or something. Who knows. I feel good though other wise. I had a nice conversation last night and company and now I have the weekend to look forward to. I’ve got my computer desk I wanted shipped and on its way to me who knows when it’s coming though. Ha! and I have stuff to do today to which keeps me active and busy. Lets see… I have to go out today and do my laundry.. why because I simply must do it.

Omg… Date man came last night and my place was a complete mess, I just told him not to look at it. Ha! after he left I spent a half hour cleaning it because it was in my mind so much during the visit that I had to clean it in order to sleep. Ha Ha. Yes it is true. I AM DORK!

Don’t worry I meant to leave out the A in that. I do know what I’m doing when I’m writing so if you see a missing word and it sounds kind of slang or wicked weird it’s because it simply must and I meant to do it. Same with spelling wrong. Ha!

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