Date Man

He hasn’t really texted me much in a way that tells me he’s that interested so, I am thinking he is not after meeting with me once. That’s okay though, I shall keep searching for my prince and having fun with life and enjoying who I am and where I’m headed. I feel like I’m in a good space right now in myself. I just got out of a relaxing, warm bubble bath and stayed in for almost two hours until my toes and fingers were all pruney. Hehe

I love baths, it’s so nice when I get to have one every now and then.

It’s almost 12:00 now but I feel a bit hungry so I might grab a bite from the kitchen and then head to bed even though I shouldnt eat before bed. I mean, I can’t go to bed with a hungry tummy can I? Tomorrow I’m going to attempt to make banana bread again because I’m going to my mommyboos and I want to bring her some banana bread. I will have to make sure I measure it better this time. I think it might have been because I nuked the bananas to soften them. Who knows. All I know is I’m usually awesome at baking, but I was distracted while chatting with that date that turned out to only want one thing from me. Yea.. what a waste of bread. Ha!

I texted date man a few times tonight but nothing back and haven’t really gotten much interest lately. I don’t know if I can keep a date with a guy who isn’t consistent with interest. He could be out dating a girl every night for all I know. I go one at a time, my self. NOT LIKE THAT! “Dirty minds”

I just date one guy then if it doesn’t work out I drop em and then when I meet the next I date him and then I drop him if he’s a ning com poop.

Should I keep the date on Sunday or just drop if he doesn’t seem that interested ? What would you do?

One thought on “Date Man

  1. I am a one at a time guy myself (no like you not like that) Never been interested in dating more than one person at a time, just seems dishonest somehow. If he keeps the date, I would keep it too. If he is not interested he should let you know before then. He might be busy, who knows. Bananana bread is good, but I have never heard of putting them in the microwave to soften them.

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