It Snowed On my “YOU KNOW”

I looked outside last night and it’s snowing. I don’t like that one bit because I have to go out there and push my stroller to return my Shaw box. I’m going to my mommyboo’s today for pizza. Well maybe pizza, I’m not sure yet, she mentioned pizza yesterday and now my mouth is non-stop watering. I have to hold a towel under my chin to catch it. Ha!

The snow looks pretty, but I NO like it. At least it’s wet outside and sounds like rain is falling a little so perhaps it will wash away all the snow. I mean that’s not always a good thing because it turns to slush, but I’ve got me some boots, so it’s all right. I remember a long time ago I made this one video about snow and how it was February and snowing and I was like, “NOOO” “Go away snow” Ha Ha. It was a really funny videos, perhaps I uploaded it some where’s? (NOPE) I just looked on my youtube, it’s not up, so, I guess not.


One thought on “It Snowed On my “YOU KNOW”

  1. Not much of a snow person myself, but you get a lot more of it than we do. If it snows here once or twice a year its a lot. A good pizza is hard to beat. Dont go outside drolling like that. Your mouth will freeze and you wont be able to sing for us. What is a shaw box exactly?

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