Hmm Stumped

I went on a second date with Mr. Date man and it was wonderful and I really like this guy. It’s insane how much I already like him and I loved our time together and I have no idea how he feels about me at all. I’m not even sure how interested in me he is. After our date when he dropped me off he didn’t kiss me goodnight, I put myself out to meaning I stared at him and he wasn’t looking at me and he just said to call him when I get a babysitter again and we will go out. Then he left without a kiss, just a hug. Does that mean, he’s not interested? So I was a psycho again because I really like this guy and I text him after I get back home and tell him I’m home and that I had a wonderful dinner etc with him and then I mention the no kiss thing in a cute sort of manner, well at least I think it was cute and he didn’t write back after. He responded to the other texts, but not to that one.

I’m taking it, if he wasn’t interested, he defiantly isn’t now after I just made the “no no” girls make on dates when they really like a guy. Which is, text or call them soon after and I mentioned the no kiss thing which probably didn’t look very good for me. Maybe I seemed desperate. Gawd I’m an idiot. “Sigh”

I really suck at this dating thing.

2 thoughts on “Hmm Stumped

  1. Your not an idiot but dang slow down girl. You have only had two dates with the guy. Sounds like he is trying to be a gentleman and your taking it wrong. He already said he wanted to go out with you again. You cant already really like this guy because you dont really know him after two dates. Nobody doesnt suck at the dating thing. Its always a learn as you go thing. Your a very special person, believe that within yourself and dont push things so hard. As a guy, even if a person was as beautiful and special as you are if they came on real strong it might tend to scare me off. Just an opinon from a guy.

    1. Your right. I’ll just let him get in touch with me. I’m not going to be able to get a baby sitter for at least another two weeks anyways because im busy these next weekends. I’ll just keep busy with my creative stuff. Like make another video 🙂

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