Removed Myself from Dating site

I’ve been on it went on a few dates. It ends the same and I don’t feel like going through the process like that again, I’d rather just wait and see if Mr. Right finds me or not. Who knows anymore. After the last date and liking him but him not feeling the same it just reminds me too much of my past boyfriends how I give too much or feel too much etc. I just wanted so bad to meet my soul mate and finally be happy, but you know what. Some of us don’t and my looking online probably isn’t going to bring nothing but trouble and heart ache. So off I went and just going to pour my energy into my family and activities and things that are in my life right now and forget about needing a man.

If I meet my soul mate on my journey through that then wonderful, if not I’d rather not re-live the hurt of rejection over and over again. I’m too sensitive to it.

One thought on “Removed Myself from Dating site

  1. I am the same way when it comes to dates. I put my heart out there, fall hard for someone and then realize that its just a game to most of them. I agree that you need to stop the online dating but as far as not every finding someone NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. You are too special and to much of an outstanding person to never find someone. You just have to wait for it to happen when it needs to happen. Pouring your energy into your family and activiites is not a bad option to have. You are so great with your family and that is part of who you are. Now is a good time to expand and enjoy that part of yourself until someone comes along. While your enjoying that part of your life someone will appear when your least expecting it.

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