Stop Me From looking at my Cell

Please gawd, I need to put my cell in the freezer or something. I put it in a box and taped it up real tight and then I had to unpack it and it wasn’t him. DAMN IT! I need to sit on my hands, I keep wanting to text, but I can’t because I want him to text me and show some interest… I don’t want to seem desperate and put feelings out there when there’s nothing that’s going to be returned. LAMEEEE

I’m sure all girls probably feel this way when they really like a guy, or maybe I’m just an odd ball, which I’m okay with, but my gawd, hide my phone.

One thought on “Stop Me From looking at my Cell

  1. Give your mom the phone and forget him!!! Gee woman, your such a fantastic person and you act like your desperate and nobody will want to be with you. You shouldnt be desperate for one guy to call, you should be waiting for guys to stand in line to just date someone like you.

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