Twilight Marathon!

Nothing better to do then snuggle up under a blanket alone with my kitty and watch a movie. Ha! “I’m not sure that sounded too good.” Or perhaps it sounded very good? No?

Well I’m going to have a quiet evening and just relax and rest my back all alone, always alone. Well not entirely alone, but there are many different types of alone and I’m only talking about a specific one. I miss, cuddling and having someone and kissing and snuggling and talking long hours and sharing and romance and love-making and showers and gawd everything that comes with being in a relationship. I’d rather wait for a special guy though who wants to share that with me though and isn’t just about physical stuff, which most are. Well as I hear, all are, but I refuse to believe that.

Cuddling with a blanket just doesn’t sooth the pain or longing I feel every night and day. “Sigh”

One thought on “Twilight Marathon!

  1. NO, not all guys are just into the physical stuff. I am glad you refuse to believe that. Your lonliness is so painfully aware in your writings its painful to read. No one likes to be alone but I am curious what is in your background that makes you so afraid of being alone, even for a little bit? I know a bit noisy. Please dont sick Bob on me.

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