Frozen Lips

I went outside with my mom to the store to get a few things and it was so hard to push my stroller through all the snow. It’s insane how snowy it is outside and hard to get around and by the way so cold my lips and nose freeze. I hope the snow fades because I am not much of a snow bunny gal. I like warmth. What am I doing in Canada then? well it doesn’t just snow here dah. It rains more than anything and we do have nice summers and springs. I think Canada is beautiful and that’s why I’m still here.

Gosh when my lips are frozen I can’t talk well haha!

I’m mummbling Mandie

One thought on “Frozen Lips

  1. I have been wondering about the weather where you are. I guess I am like most people and think Canda is a frozen land. Glad its not always cold for ya.

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