Please Don’t Text Me

So the guy finally responded after so long and told me not to text him. Um… Yea. OKAYYY.

I guess he didn’t like that I didn’t put out on the sofa or the fact that I had to leave to get back to my son because as soon as I told him I had to leave because my son was fussing with my mom he started acting distant and closed off. He wants a girl who will sacrifice stuff to be with him, but he’s not doing much sacrifice, he just wanted me to let him know when my son isn’t around when he told me of a girl he dated who has a three-year old that he used to call and invite to do stuff with all the time, only she blew him off. Now I’m being blown off for showing interest, isn’t that something?

I will never understand men, and please don’t tell me how I’m rushing into stuff… I was just putting myself out there and hoping to meet someone special to share my life with as most people are in this world. I don’t take rejection well and I seem to be getting it A LOT just because I’m not putting out or because I have children. It’s quite ridiculous, but the ones that mind aren’t the one, that’s for sure and I shouldn’t have to sacrifice myself or my family/friends in order to be in a relationship.

I hate dating so far, it has completely made me feel like there are no decent men, even though a part of me wants to believe there is. Also nothing has happened in my life to make me not like being alone, I’m just a dependent, cuddly, loving woman who enjoys the comfort and security of a relationship and have never had a relationship with a man who has that and I am waiting for it. Who can blame me, many people want the same for the same reasons. They are ready.. period. That’s all it is.

One thought on “Please Don’t Text Me

  1. Your right, thats what everyone wants. I know your disappointed but you dont need a jerk like that guy. Just considered that one frog you kissed on your way to your prince. You shouldnt have to sacrifice your life for the right person. The right person will become a part of your life, not want you to sacrifice part of your life.

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