My New Desk

Today my new desk comes, though I wont be able to set it up until I move in which is fine. I really like it, it’s going to be a pleasant upgrade, now all I need to figure out is how to get my new couch home from the store and also get my office chair and some how bring it home as well. I don’t drive or know anyone with a truck so it’s going to be pretty hard to do, but I suppose I could look in the paper for someone to help. I just don’t want to spend a lot on delivery when the couch is already like 400. That’s just the long sofa, I eventually want the matching love seat, but one step at a time. Eventually I will have the furniture I’ve always wanted and have a happy little home. Home should be an expression of yourself and mine hasn’t been ever because I’ve always had to get what I can afford instead of what I really want, but that’s going to change. I believe it will and I have faith and I’m going to focus on making a comfortable wonderful home of my dreams out of my small not so great apartment and make the best out of it. I’ll paste a picture of my desk below, perhaps I can find a sofa online that looks like one I want. I doubt it, but I’ll check.    < My desk

Nope I couldn’t find a good enough picture that gives the sofa I want, justice. You will just have to wait to see it in a video or upcoming blog.

3 thoughts on “My New Desk

  1. A new desk and new couch for a new home. Thats the way to go with new things for a new beginning. Its weird to me for you to say you know nobody with a truck. Here there are more trucks than cars lol

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