One More Week To Go

Well about ten more days to be exact until I move, and I haven’t done any packing since the last time I did packing. I guess I haven’t been feeling much up to it yet. I think I have a bit of a cold or something, have felt under the weather for about a week now, but might be because of my emotions going up and down from going through a break up. I can’t wait to move to escape from my apartment, it has way too many memories here.

A new place couldn’t have come any sooner, I really need it. I will take more pictures of my moving process once I pack a little more and get things more in order before the big day. Next week I get to pick up the keys to my new place, I hope everything goes smoothly for me.

Well this isn’t much of a long blog is it. I apologise, I will make up for it through a video or something. I am trying to snap out of my slum and stop moping around because I know it’s not healthy to lay around all day like this and feel so down. I need to just focus differently and try to move on at least and try to take one day at a time and keep breathing in and out. I am going to be joining the pool swimming classes soon so that will get me out of the house and into a new state of mind. activities are always helpful I believe.

One thought on “One More Week To Go

  1. What cute jammies on a beautful lady. Swimming class will be good for you. Get you out of the house and you like the water. Help you to relax hopefully.

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