Busy Week Ahead

It’s going to be a busy week ahead for me, I’m not sure you remember but. I have to move this weekend so I have to finish packing and cleaning this place and on weds I have to go pick up my keys and make sure everything is set and do the last-minute stuff. Today was busy, I had spent the night at my mommyboo’s house and then we left in the morning and headed to the store and then home and cleaned and packed a few things and then I headed out and did my four, well five loads of laundry by piling it onto my stroller which is challenging. While I was waiting for everything to dry I took a stroll down to a store and bought a few things for my new bathroom. Butterfly stuff, since I love butterflies. There’s this butterfly thing there that goes on the wall that I might go back for, it would fit to go in the bathroom with my other stuff I got so… I’m all for matching. I saw my couch I wanted and it was all wrapped up like someone bought it which made me sad, because I really wanted that one. The loveseat is there and not wrapped up, but I can’t just get a love seat, it’s not that big and I like to stretch out when I watch movies. LAME!

I still have to get my office chair, but I couldn’t get it today when I knew I had so much laundry to bring home, I actually had to fold it at the laundry mat in order for it to fit into the bags in order to get it home on my stroller. For some reason it always seems like more when it’s clean than when it’s not. Hmm. “Interesting?”

I’m home now and made me some dinner which was good, read a few emails which were, “well… who cares really.” and started watching a movie and it’s now paused so I could give Niki a bath and put him to bed since he always sleeps better after his bath. He’s sleeping now, yet I’m here typing out a blog for you all instead of finishing my movie, but I felt like writing and the fact that I can pause live tv, gives me the ability to do it. So why not?

Tonight I have to spray the oven with this oven cleaner which is going to make me barf because I’m so sensitive to that stuff, and I might pack a few more things I’m not using. I only have a few more days and not everything is packed. NOT GOOD!


One thought on “Busy Week Ahead

  1. You will make it. Sorry about the couch but when you can get one you will find one you love. Its not lame to want to stretch out when you watch a movie. Its great to get nice and relaxed before watching a good movie. I have noticed laundry always takes up more space after its cleaned too. I think it gets fluffed in the dryer or something. Were honored you took the time to write us a blog during your movie. Thank you for that. Always a pleasure for us to hear from you.

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