Theory Of Love

I have talked with people about relationships and have watched shows which tell me this theory that I’ve now heard plenty  of times so it must have some truth to it. In order for a marriage or relationship to work, “The man should love the woman a little bit more.” Woman are nurturing and caring and they already fall into love easily and end up caring way more than the man and ending up hurt in the end because of it. So I do agree with this theory, I’ve yet to experience it, but still because I haven’t I guess that tells me the truth right there. I’ve always fallen in love and end up feeling like I care and love more and like my love isn’t being matched or equal. Like I’m not receiving it back in return the same as I’m putting it out.

So this theory of love I have to agree with.

What do you think?

2 thoughts on “Theory Of Love

  1. I agree that women probably fall in love faster in some cases but I think they both have to love the other for a relationship to work. I agree that woman have the charactaristics that you described and a devious man can use that against them to keep a relationship going that the man is not as into as the woman is. Your right that love has to be given back as much as it is given, but I believe the trick is to have patients and take the time to find the person that will do that and not jump too fast into a relationship before we find out if a person will give us this type of love back or not.

  2. I disagree. Love is a give and take relationship. It is more equal in devotion. Of course, Hollywood can portray it very differently. How do I know? I’ve fallen in and out of love many times in very serious relationships. When we were in love, we were both devoted. When we weren’t, it went to hell.

    Though there is also unconditional one sided love, the most painful of them all.

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