You Know He Loves You When?

You know it’s true love when…
He always makes it a point to communicate with you. If your boyfriend loves to talk to you and listens to your joys and sorrows, he sure is taking a deep interest in you. True love is not just about hanging out at coffee shops, it’s about being knowing and communicating with each other.

You know it’s true love when…
He goes out of his way to make you happy. For example, you may love to watch movies and he may be more of a sports freak. If he gets you the backseat tickets for a Saturday night simply because you wanted to watch the latest release, you can rest assured he honestly loves you! When your boyfriend makes a special effort to spend more time with you or wants to get to know you better by doing things you love, it’s definitely a sign of true love!

You know it’s true love when…
His priorities revolve around you. Does he make it a point to put other things on the backseat? Does he involve you in his decisions always? If you are his priority, chances are he will always hold you as the most important factor in life. Looking forward to spending weekends together or spending time with you rather than going in for a booze party would only show he appreciates time spent with you. If he has his priorities right in life, you will figure in many of his plans!

You know it’s true love when…
He takes you home to meet his family. A boyfriend who intends to be more than just a boyfriend would make it a point to introduce you to people who matter the most to him in life, be it family or friends. If your boyfriend makes a special effort to help you establish a relation with his near and dear ones, then you would definitely know it is heading in the right direction.

You know it’s true love when…
He remembers all special and important days. It could be anything, your birthday or an anniversary! If he remembers days that hold importance for you, then girl! You have him hooked already! A man would probably need to make a special effort to keep important dates in mind and you can be tension-free if he is a making an effort in this direction!

You know it’s true love when…
He gives you the freedom to express and be yourself. If your boyfriend makes it a point to avoid dominating you and lets you be your natural self, then there can be no two ways to the way he feels. He loves you for what you are and does not wish to change a thing about you! Freedom of expression and being the true ‘you’ is very much required to have a relationship that’s for keeps!


“Thinks of last realationship”



Okay now me towards him

YES “I’m always wanting to spend more time with him and look forward to being with him just to be in his presence.

YES “I always make sure he has things he loves and needs because I wan’t him to feel comfortable. I hate coffee, even the smell of it, but I bought him a coffee maker for when he comes, because he enjoys having a cup each day.”

YES “I’m a creator and when I want to make a music video or write and he calls, I always take his call and end up talking to him for a long time with him and forget all about what I was going to do because I want to spend time with him. I’m always asking him what he thinks about things that happen in my life and telling him first about how my day is etc.

YES I took him to meet my family right away and told them how great he is and how much I love him and how important it was that they like him and make him feel comfortable.

YES I remember his special days, When we first met online, and in person, our first night together, when we moved in with each other, his birthday.

YES as an artist I understand how important art is and he is an artist and I am very supportive of his work and think it’s amazing and am always asking to hear about it. I believe in him.


It is so frustrating going through a relationship and then coming out of it looking back and knowing I put my everything into it and how much I love this man and feeling like he doesn’t feel the same and is in a set mind to convince me I do not care for him when I do. Very much, which is why it hurts so much when I’m told other wise. 😦

I hope to meet someone who is my equal. “maybe some day”

I’m Still hurting from my last relationship, I miss him, but a part of me asks why when he just didn’t care enough? Sigh. All I ever asked for was to be loved, respected, understood and accepted for who I am in return. I guess it was too much to ask for.

Is anyone else going through a break up? If so, what will help me get over him so I can finally move on and stop hurting?

3 thoughts on “You Know He Loves You When?

  1. Well said Joanna. Amandah is indeed a very very special amazing person and somewhere out there is the man for her. I have been there where you are because I also put everything I am and have into a relationship to just be used and cast aside when things dont go the way they want them to all the time. Stop asking yourself why he didnt care like he should and blaming yourself. What you should be asking is why he had the most wonderful person in the world and was so stupid to lose them. I know your hurting but in the end it was his loss and when you find the person that God has for you (which is not to much to ask for) you will wonder why you were ever with those frogs before you found the prince to treat you like the princess you are.

  2. I’m sorry about your break up, but it’s his lost. I can tell from your writing you are an amazing person and you deserve so much better. You’ll find somebody that will call you and ask about your day, that will go out of his way just to make you smile, that values your opinion, that wants to show you off to his family, remembers your birthday and let’s you be yourself.

    Just remember that there may be plenty of guys out there, but only one of them is the love of your life. And I hope you find him.

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