So… packing’s coming along, I only have a few things left which can’t really be done until the last-minute, like the crib and a few things from each room, dishes etc…

My house is like a fort now, every room I go in BOOM! boxes everywhere.

I have to do some cleaning tonight, scrub some shit on the rug, haha, can you tell I’m looking forward to that? Last night I had to spray oven cleaner inside my oven and I gagged on the smell, it was awful and I’m extremely sensitive to chemicals. So yucky.

Other than packing and cleaning today, I went out in the pouring rain, which I don’t mind much and bought a few things I wanted and needed for my new place. I’m trying to get rid of old stuff that’s worn down and bring in some new touches. I always like doing that, especially when I move into a new place. 🙂

It’s a busy week and it’s not over yet, I’ve still got more days to look forward to and then there’s more work with unpacking and setting up everything. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Packing

  1. Always good to have new items in a new home. Helps with the moving on period. If you get sick with the chemicals then someone else needs to help you clean the oven so you dont get sick. Cant have that.

      1. Great!!! Makes me happy that she did. I would be very upset if you told us you were sick. Give mommyboo a big hug of thanks from all of us

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