I Am Imaginary Decorating

I went shopping today until I dropped. No I swear, I fell onto my sofa and slept like a baby, thought why do they say baby when babies don’t sleep the night? Okay I didn’t sleep but I’m tired okay!

I got myself some cool looking fancy shit for my new place and I am hella siked to start decorating, but the problem is, I’m not moved in yet. Haha.

I got a bed set with throw pillows, matching curtains, curtains for the living room that will go behind the clothes ones I mentioned in another blog. A monkey robe, a butterfly thing for the wall of course because I love butterflies. I also got two movies and this rug that will go next to the patio door in my bedroom.

I am soooo Excited I could pee myself, but I wont.

4 thoughts on “I Am Imaginary Decorating

  1. Dont pee yourself. Just another mess to clean up. Sounds like some beautiful things. With your creativity I bet you are a wonderful decorator. What is a monkey robe? A robe that looks like a monkey sounds cool but I figure thats not it. lol

      1. Darn, was hoping it was a robe like a monkey. Could just imagine all the cool vids you could make with that lol. Not that we woulnt like to see your moneky robe.

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