All moved In

Moving was stressful… what can I say? Well I can say a hell of a lot, but I’ll save it and just tell you a bit of what went down on moving day. Well first off it started early and the movers started slow and kept at that pace until I told them how to do things and make it faster. I swear these movers were doing it on purpose and they complained I was pissy with them, to my mom, but they were taking advantage of my parents who were paying the truck. By being as slow as they possibly could. It cost almost 600 dollars to move a block and I didn’t even have that much stuff? Come ON! I even helped move some of the stuff into my place because I wanted to make it faster. It caused my back to hurt again though, so that sucks ass. Doesn’t that suck total ass?

SO now I’m moved in and I can barely walk around and Niki can’t crawl no where, because there are boxes everywhere. I mean EVERYWHERE. Even in the bathroom I have to climb over stuff to take a pee.

I got my computer set up though, thanks to my boyfriend. Oh… I didn’t mention I had one did I? well it’s my soul mate man I told you about, we confirmed we are boyfriend, girlfriend. It’s Official. WOOP! he’s great 🙂

Here’s a picture,

We are cute, aren’t we? Uh Huh!

My boyfriend spent so much time today putting together my insanely evil desk, that would not go together easily, but we have fun during all that work. I managed to get quite a lot unpacked today, at least now I can walk around in certain rooms. Well… some what. It’s still quite messy and some things I have no idea where to put them, but I’ll figure it out. Either that or shove it into a closet to hide away until I do know. Ha!

Well… I just thought I’d post a little update so you don’t think I died or something. HaHa!


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