Been Kind of Down

Maybe it’s just because I’m bored and have allergies. Or have just moved and had to unpack and stress about that. I’m not sure, but I’ve felt a bit down today. I’ve just had a few naps today, to kind of pass the time. I haven’t really got a chance to hang out with anyone today because their all busy. Except my mom this morning. I need to find some activities. I just haven’t arranged any because I just moved. I do plan on enrolling into a swimming group, which called me today so…

There’s other stuff going through my mind, but I wont talk about it.

I am going to try to make a video tonight and get creative again, because I haven’t really been able to snap into that with all the packing, moving and setting up, I’ve had to do. Perhaps… I’m just missing that?

Anyways… my day has been very slow, I went out to do laundry and realized the place is closed today, so I walked to the store and bought some ice-cream, because I felt like having some. Then I came home, had a nap with Niki and then had a shower and now I’m thinking about what to have for dinner. Pizza… sounds great and it always cheers me up to eat some yummy pizza. Mmm I feel better just thinking about it. 🙂

Last night I had a dinner with my boyfriend and we watched a movie and then he went home. Hasn’t spent the night yet… hmm? I can’t see him again until Friday, he’s busy. Anyways… so tomorrow I’m going to do my laundry, like I was suppose to today and I get to hang out with a friend which will be good. Finally… Girl time. Always nice to get together with a girl and talk about boyz. Ha! yes.. fella’s that’s what we do. “We talk about you!”

Well sometimes we talk about other stuff… but you always end up in the dialogue eventually. “What can ya do?”

I’ve got a few things to get done tomorrow, not really that big of things, but what ever. It will keep me active. 🙂

I get to see my kids on the weekend, which I am looking forward to, I don’t really know the times on that yet, because their father decides in the moment and sometimes, well mostly it changes and I have to pretty much wait till the day to know where I’m meeting and when. Very lame.

Hmm, what else can I blog about? … nope… nothing’s coming to mind. I guess this will be it for now. I hope every one of my pumpkin frogs is doing well and I will try to get a new video up tonight for you all. How does that sound?

One thought on “Been Kind of Down

  1. A video from you always sounds good. Sorry your down. Sorry your down. Kind of suprised because it seems like things are picking you for you and starting to go with what you want. Maybe its the stuff going thru your mind that you dont want to talk about. Hopefully you talk about it to your mom. talking usually helps. Heres hoping tomorrow is a great day for you.

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