Call Back

So, I’ve received my call back from my Doctor that I was waiting for in an unwanted way. I just wanted to find out and get the results over with and take the nessasarry actions I need to. In case your lost on what I’m waiting for, I’ll fill you in. I had a scare last year when I had my yearly girl ducky test. You women know exactly what I am referring to.

Well, my cells were changing as the doctors said and they ran another test 6 months after they told me that to see if it developed into cancer. I mean the good part is, if it does then it’s treatable, the bad part is, I just don’t want to have to go through that and the procedure even though people have told me it’s not that bad. Still… it’s scary and I don’t like it. I am worried, but I have to just keep calm and know that everything will work out fine and that I know even if I don’t get back the results I want to on Monday, I know that there is a way to get rid of any abnormal cells before they start doing weird shit and being lame inside me.

Not a very pleasant thing to hear, but you know at least I caught it early and not late and it may just be nothing and the results could be good. I’m hoping for that. I’ve got my mommyboo to hold my hand through it either way. 🙂


One thought on “Call Back

  1. Yes everything will be fine. Just hold on to that (and your mommyboo’s hand) You have a lot of people out here praying for you and sending posative thoughts your way. I know the waiting is hard though.

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