Is becoming a vegitarian

So I was eating some KFC chicken yesterday and I wasn’t really enjoying tossing chicken flesh into my mouth like some sort of animal. I felt kind of weird and I’ve had this feeling while eating meat here and their throughout the past few years. I’m not sure why, I just feel like the more years go by the more wrong it becomes to eat meat when there is so many other wonderful, better for you foods to eat than meat. Plus more animals survive that way and get to live their dreams as us humans get to.

So I decided I am going to become a vegetarian and add more protein through other foods to my diet since I am anaemic and have to have more protein/iron in my diet. I read up on all the kinds of foods that have protein other than meat and there is quite a lot and there are these seeds my spiritual adviser as I consider her. Told me about called, Hemp Hearts. When she mentioned them I thought she was talking about weed haha. I have no clue why, it just made me think of that. haha

I’m adding Hemp Hearts to my diet now 🙂

Want to become a vegetarian with me? I’m even going to be sharing meal ideas with you that might help you get started and just have fun reading a long. I mean I’m practically one any ways. That is why I’m anaemic. I don’t eat much meat. Now I wont. It also will same on money. 🙂 Plus it’s not like I will have to give up my favourite food, because my favorite is pasta’s and pizza and I love vegetables. 🙂


So today as my beginning, I took all my meat product can foods and am going to donate them. I’m just gonna finish off what’s in my freezer until I get paid again, obviously because I can’t afford to waste food right now. Haha.

Today for breakfast I am having some scrambled eggs with Hemp hearts and a few slices of freshly Mandie made banana bread which also has Hemp Hearts added to it. 🙂 Gotta get meee iron when I can. I hate taking iron pills. That some how feels wrong like eating meat. haha


One thought on “Is becoming a vegitarian

  1. Good luck to you but I hope you dont make yourself sick by not getting enough protein. We eat too much meat, but our body needs some. Anyway, just monitor yourself and if you think your getting ill PLEASE eat some meat for protein for your health.

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