Bowling Partay!

It’s my son, Johnathan’s birthday On the 20th, but I will be celebrating it on the 17th. I just spent the last thirty mintues trying to work something out with the bowling alley for it and they were absolutly closed off and said no to everything. Okay so… I asked if they do birthday partys and she said yes. Okay we are on the same page I think.


“So bowling lady… I have my sons birthday coming up and I’d like to book a party there for the 16th at 7:00pm.”

“I’m sorry… we don’t do nights during the week. Only until 3”

“Well I don’t get my kids until 4:30 so that’s just not going to work.”

“We serve hot dogs and…”

“My son wants pizza… Pepparonnii pizza. Is that possible?”

“No… that’s not the special.”

“Um… okay. How about the 17th at 12:00 and I’ll order the pizza?”

“No… we don’t have birthday specials for that either.”

“No… I want them to play 2 games and then we will just go home and do our own party.” DAMN IT WOMAN!


Not a very helpful lady, I tell ya!

She didn’t make sense of anything. So here’s what I’m going to do to avoid this confusing crazy woman. ha

I’m going to have the party on the 17th at 12:00… but… I’m going to take the kids bowling and not even mention a birthday and then we are going to leave and go to my house and order some pizza and then have some delicious cake I made with a bowling image on top that I will be designing. Hopefully that turns out and then we can open some gifts. I am hoping my sons gift arrives by then or I’ll have a bit of a sad birthday boy after he opens a sweater and a red crayon piggy bank.

Not Cool

“I need to get a back up gift, just in case.”


One thought on “Bowling Partay!

  1. Leave it up to you to come up with a great plan. Sounds like a wonderful day. The kids will love it. Your are an amazing mom.

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