Scared Of Hospital Test

I’m really scared of my hospital test I have to get done. I really don’t want it to hurt. Has anyone had a Colposcopy done before? I sure haven’t. My mom’s taking me, but she wont be able to go into the room with me, so I’ll be all alone in there with the scary ass doctors. I hate hospitals and I hate tests to and, I really don’t like stuff that involves messing around with tools in my lady areas. Stupid tests.

I really hope after this test it comes back good because I am even more sacred of being put to sleep. you know when they put that mask thing over your face to breathe in to knock you out? Gawd that freaks me out. I feel like their going to suffocate me or something. it just doesn’t feel right. It really frightens me. 😦

I’m acting all strong about it, but really I’m really scared about it and worried and hoping it all goes okay.

6 thoughts on “Scared Of Hospital Test

  1. Hey, don’t worry, a colonoscopy isn’t that bad. I had one done. They give you something for the pain and to relax you. I mean really relax you. I was awake the whole time, but I couldn’t tell you a thing about what went on, because you don’t remember it. Good luck. I hope everything turns out well for you.

  2. Well, my dear, you do have a Guardian Angel that is with you at all times. So, he will be with you, in that room, comforting you if you will allow him to. Please ask him for his help. He will be most happy to help you and to make you feel much better about all this.

    Yes, hospitals and medical tests are kind of scary at times. I don’t like being in the hospital. A lot of those tests are not fun.

    You will be all right going through this test.

    God bless you!!!

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