Party From Hell

I would never have imagined a day could go so wrong and the fact that it was my sons 8th birthday party, makes it that much more awful. So I have all my children and they are quite the handful because I am all by myself with no one to help me and three of them are autistic. Okay so… they arrive and everything is okay, but then as night-time progresses and I try to put the kids to bed, niki and natin begin to cry and get very fussy and wont go to sleep. I finally manage to put Niki to sleep only for him to wake up an hour later when I try putting natin back to sleep, only he wont go to sleep. So then I finally manage to do that and I try to get the others in bed, but then the little ones wake up again. It didn’t matter who I was trying to get into bed, the others would wake up and cry.

Niki was sick with a cold/allergy to peaches it turns out because he has a rash all over and is uncomfortable and natin doesn’t like sleeping over and being away from his dad too long because he’s autistic and is extremely sensitive to change.

I didn’t get any sleep, not even a cat nap. I sat up all night listening to baby’s cry and trying to sing them to sleep, rock them. You name it. Nothing worked. I was dead tired by the time morning arrived and then I had to take them to the bowling alley where Natin rolled ball after ball onto the lane and I picked them up as fast as I could after him. trying to get him to stop. I had to hold him and niki because they were both fussing while the other kids bowled for an hour.

I took them home and the youngest cried while i served pizza which I burnt and set off the fire alarm and then cake which they loved but Natin put all over the place. Not only that but after they finally left the house was a disaster and I thought hmm to make me feel better I will look at the pictures of Johnathan opening his presents only to accidentally delete them all because of my lack of sleep.

It was awful and I am still very tired because Niki didn’t sleep well again because of his rash.. I tried taking him to doctor or clinic but for some reason there are no openings until monday. So I just have to do as best I can to sooth his rash and wait until monday. It’s starting to get better, but it’s still bothering him. “Stupid peach allergy”


I’m soo glad it’s over, but I feel terrible for Johnathan having to see mommy grumpy and stressed and also very tired on his special day, plus listen to screaming babies. I will have to make it up to him. I know he understands because he kept hugging me and telling me it’s okay and “poor mommy” and giving me kisses and hugs, but still. He deserves a special day filled with mommy smiles. I will probably take him out just me and him maybe next week and make up for it.


One thought on “Party From Hell

  1. I am so sorry your day went so badly. I feel very upset that you dont have anyone to help you when you have all the kids. thats too much for anyone to handle alone. You are a super mom and believe me he will not remember the things you think are bad. He will remember spending time with his great mom,

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