Valentines Day

My valentine’s day was good. My mommyboo came in the morning and we exchanged our gifts. I got her some naughty snacks haha. She calls them naughty because she’s always trying to lose weight even though she looks great. 

She got me cake lollipop makers. It’s a kit that allows you to make lollipop cake balls things that go on a stick and you decorate them. Kind of wicked cool, I will have to try that out sometime and let you know how it turns out. 🙂

My boyfriend Jason and I went out for dinner and exchanged gifts as well. I got him a romantic type gift, surprise surprise there. I’m a romantic heart so…

he got me an iPod mini which is awesome and today I got some headphones for it because I really dislike ear buds. They always fall out and don’t seem to keep the sound it and they are actually not too great for your ear and future hearing. I am not sure people are even aware of it, I guess their just going for the… I gotta look cool thing. I, personally think head phones are a lot cooler and pretty awesome. 

One thought on “Valentines Day

  1. So happy your V day went well. Please let us know how the lolly cake minis work. I have seen them on TV and have wondered about them

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