What Makes A Daddy?

I grew up in a not so pleasant home and by that I don’t mean that the walls were falling a part and in need of a good fixing. It was hard growing up in a family with a dad who believed in the old ways of discipline, he grew up in such ways so I guess I am able to understand where it seems okay in his mind to do so. He told me once while we were walking down the street that he was the reason I turned out so well and I made it clear it was me and my own doing that brought me to where I am.

He helped make me afraid of men, but I can’t blame him for fears because it is I who chose to stay afraid and walk in fear of men and live this way. This I know now.

What makes a dad is what is in his heart and how much he cares for his child. How does he show the child he loves them? Well I do know my dad loves me a side from how I was raised and what I have witnessed with child eyes of innocence. I know he loves me because he has a smile on his face when he sees me now and reasures me when I am worried and shows he cares by remembering my birthday. He stays in touch with me. I know he loves me by the way he looks at me, with pride and respect for who I have become.

I want my children to grow up with a good daddy because I lacked a strong daddy figure in mine. My three first children I know will have that which makes me happy, but my little Niki I worry of because his daddy is unpredictable and I’m never sure when he will see him or if he even wants to. I haven’t even heard from him and I never know if he will be helping out with what Niki needs. I hope Niki has a strong daddy figure in his life who will teach him strength and love and kindness and how to be a good respectful and responsible man. Though… my mommyboo raised me and she was both my mother and father and I learnt so many things from her. She is the strongest, most kindest woman I’ve known. I am blessed to be her daughter.

I was also blessed with a father figure when she married her husband. I finally got the father figure I needed. It’s not quite the same, but I still look to him like a dad.

What do you think makes a daddy?

3 thoughts on “What Makes A Daddy?

  1. Just because a man is around doesnt mean he is a daddy. My favorite saying on this matter is this ” Any idiot man can procreate and become a father, it takes a real man to take responsibiltiy for raising a child and become a daddy” With our without a man you will do a fantastic job of raising all your children. And may I add, dating or making sure a man is around just so your child will have a male influence would be a big mistake. I have seen women that do this and it ends badly. Dont worry, you will do great raising kids and your to wonderful not to find a man equally wonderful that will love your children if your just patient.

  2. What makes a daddy? That’s a difficult question. I know it’s ideal for a child to have two loving parents, a mother and father. That isn’t always the case any longer. I think a woman can be a mommy and daddy if need be, and a man can be a mommy and daddy if need be also. My father died when I was 9 months old, and my mother raised me by herself. So I guess she was my mommy and daddy. She sacrificed a lot for me, and it is something that I will always be very grateful for and never forget. I’m sorry that your youngest may not have a daddy, but I am sure that you have enough love in your heart to make up for that.

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