Peaches… Really?

So it turns out my sweet little Niki Noo had an almost severe reaction to Peaches and broke out in a rash and had a bit trouble breathing but all is okay. he’s seen the doctor and the rash will clear up on its own. Doctor said he must take after me. I am allergic to only fruits like, Cantaloupe, watermelon, grape fruit and oranges. I can eat peaches though, but I guess it still falls in that kind of category. He is also allergic a bit to pineapple. Hmm…

So he’s doing okay and his rash is almost gone, it’s just on his hands and feet and a bit on his legs right now. Poor little Niki noo. He scared the bageeba’s out of me.

The doctor also said to not give him apricots either because they are a form of peaches and he could react to that to. My poor little Niki Noo Noo.

One thought on “Peaches… Really?

  1. Poor thing. I know people have food allergies but fruit is a strange one to me. Must be the acid in them or something. Glad the little guy is doing better.

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