My hospital visit was today. I was really nervous. I was in the waiting room down in this basement type part of the hospital where they study cancer etc. Eek and I was sitting in my blue gown and wearing my fancy hospital bracelet. Their were a few girls there for the same thing and each had a story. Some of the stories made me more nervous. Turns out they do not give you anything for pain when they do biopsy, you either are strong enough to take it or you’re not.

I am glad the nurse was really nice and held my hand and the doctor was very nice as well and talked me through the whole thing. They have this screen where you can watch what’s happening, I looked once and then was like uh uh. I’m not going to watch and looked away while holding the nurses hand and she comforted me while the doctor did the biopsy then finished up. It hurt a little but not too bad. After it was over I was sore, I’m still a tad bit sore, but it’s going away. I took some ibuprofen so I’m little better. unfortunately, I still have my flu so it made it all worse. I have to go back on March 8th for my results. I am hoping everything comes back good and I don’t need anything more.

There was this girl waiting with me and she was pregnant. She changed into the gown and we all had to wear hospital booties on our feet and she had them over her socks like soles on her feet with just the tips of her toes and her heels holding them on and I giggled when they were slipping and she went to fix them. I then showed her how to put them on. Ha. It was the cutest thing. lol

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