Heart Of A Lion

I’ve never been dumped before, feels like that’s what’s happening. I guess I can’t be surprised under the circumstances.

To think every man I either loved or start to turns into a different person than I expect. True colors are revealed. I’ll not be so naive next time. Looking for love is not the answer. Letting love find you is how love should happen. Natural and kind in action. I have ignored anyone who has told me this and just searched on, only to find yet another frog.

Hmm… I am blessed though, I am loved and I am thankful of all God has given to me and no matter what obstacles I have to face or what seems like disaster to others, I will shine rainbow colors and see the good where others see darkness. After all, we create our own misery and happiness. It is this I have come to gather over my time on earth.

There is a heart beat in the depth of destruction, that shakes the walls of bricks and boulders, that hold the house of chambers. There is a sound heard, only by those who listen and there is a whisper from lips of your own, only by those who see this. We search what we seek in a manner of desperation only to find the reflection we stare into, our own. We must learn to create a light and love for what we are given and shine grateful, honest hearts of what we have. Blessings come through this, through sand of salty foot steps. We must see where it is dark and guide when there is no one. For it is us that decide our fate. All in the way we live through our own eyes. We create a reflection. I am saddened by my present only because I was fooled, but I am thankful of what God has given me and see my life in sunlight. There is so much beauty. 🙂 For this I am grateful.

3 thoughts on “Heart Of A Lion

  1. WOW what insight and a great perspective on things. Glad you finally realized you should wait on Love, which you will find. this is a great picture too, would love to know where you found it. So majestic and peaceful all at the same time.

  2. You ever get that feeling where you’re watching something unfold and you don’t want to disturb it lest you destroy the moment? I kind of felt that way when I was considering posting or not.

    Hopefully I didn’t disturb your reflective state. Just wanted to say I enjoyed reading your post and it’s great that it started out sad and ended on a high note.

    Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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