E Fame

So it turns out I am becoming E famous again for Gawd knows why? hahaha Probably because I’m so incredibly awesome. Right? To think it started snowballing after I did a video request of my friend Kimmy’s and I featured the Monkey my mommyboo got me for valentine’s day and of course Elmo for the monkey to fall in love with. hahaha.

This video here got me more subs and likes and e fame. Very strange huh lol

4,000 something views? I haven’t gotten those kind of views in ages.

Oh and people writing me about adult videos, screw off. That was 4 and a half years ago and I was depressed and stupid. ha! so stop asking for them. They are stuck on-line because of pigs like you, I’d rather they be burned.

Don’t worry, you’re not hurting my feelings by contacting me, I know you’d enjoy that too much. Ha! I don’t make em and haven’t since that one month out of a year almost 5 years ago. So get over yourself if you think I’m some porn star who did that for a living. Hahaha. Idiots. “Just saving you some time from writing asking stupid questions instead of what my favourite colour is. Hello! RAINBOW. People say that’s not a colour, but it is to me. Ha!

My ex even called me a porn star when i told him about them, what kind of boyfriend does that? Anyways. His loss. I’m fabulous and I don’t need a man to be happy. I’m a happy little heart just by me self. 🙂

5 thoughts on “E Fame

  1. I know you always say you do these just for the fun of it. You know I’m always looking at it from the business side so the following will not come as any surprise when you see it. This video is worth about $5.00 in ad revenue. Many of your vids can be worth that on a recurring basis IF they are promoted right. Check out the following address to see what’s happening with your videos. http://socialblade.com/youtube/user/MsSmileyEyez
    #1 Fan from the start

  2. Yes you are fabulous and dont ever forget it. I have seen “those” videos of course and they do show your sex appeal but your other vidoes show that and ever aspect of your wonderful personality. Ur ex was a jerk for calling you a porn star when you told him about the old videos. He should have praised you for being honest, and besides they were good videos. Of course you dont do that for a living and peole that do shoudl be happy about that, with your beauty you woudl blow them all away.

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