2 thoughts on “Daily Message

  1. Nike shoes has a commercial campaign slogan of, “Just Do It!”. This phrase can be applied to our confusion lots of times. We are pretty smart creatures. Often we see the answer, the solution, the truth. We then let our hearts and minds clutter up the whole thing with what-ifs, buts, and maybes. We have to push all those what-ifs and stuff aside and do what needs to be done. Ignore the other “possibilities”. You will never get anywhere in life if you let yourself dwell on all of them and don’t do what you know you must do.
    Good luck little mermaid. Hope you swim away into clearer water. Come join the rest of us frogs. Leave the toads to the murky dark unknown.

  2. Too much confusion and misunderstanding in the world, and I think it comes from not listening to people and trying to understand their feelings and where they are coming from.

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