A grey Hair

Wow it’s been ages, I think I see a grey hair. “PLUCK”

I’m sorry for slacking in the blogging department, but I’ve been sick with the flu and this pregnancy has left me extremely tired although your probably rolling your eyes wondering why… if I’m so tired I took the time to post on YouTube and Facebook. Pffft “BECAUSE!”

Seriously, maybe I had writers block or something, or didn’t feel inspired to write. Writing is different for me, I like to have a good idea on what I’d like to talk about before I dip into a blog. I wouldn’t want to write about boring stuff like grey hairs. “Ohhh”

Have you ever had a grey hair and if so, at what age did you first see yours? I was 27. It was actually a few months ago, I am going to believe it means I’m wise now. Ha!


2 thoughts on “A grey Hair

  1. She is a marvel. Been worried about not getting any blogs but having the flu on top of being pregnant has to be rough. I got my first gray hair around 27 also. Right smack down in the middle.

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