Bullying Bleeds

Recently I have watched a few videos of people talking about bullying and I just wanted to write something about it and speak my mind on the subject. It is very important for everyone to speak up and reach out to those crouched in a corner or under their beds, praying for a hand to stop it.

I was watching Ellen today as I always do and she had a message about bullying about a kid who ended his life because he was bullied and I didn’t even realize tears were on my cheeks until the show was over. It was so sad to hear about something that could have been prevented.

I know what it’s like to be bullied, I was bullied a lot in school and it hurts. I defended myself and put on a strong face, but when I came home I’d cry in my room. It’s hard to talk to anyone about it because you feel like it wont do any good, or it will make matters worse. I understand the reasons behind victims who don’t tell anyone their being bullied, because it’s scary to think that it could get any worse than it is. Sometimes saying, “just stand up for yourself” isn’t enough, because sometimes there are groups that bully and sometimes there isn’t a chance to defend yourself.

There needs to be more stand by’s who step in and reach a hand out and raise a voice for the victims of bullies. I have been bullied, teased, pushed around. I’ve been hated on constantly online and it hurts. It hurts a lot, but I got through it, but it took a long time. Bullies and haters will claim it was their treatment that made me stronger etc, but that’s not true. It was my strength and my family and friends who held my hand and reassured me I’m not alone and they are there for me.

All it takes is one voice to speak out. More need to step in and stop bullying from happening. It’s heartbreaking to think that the reason of young death is rising and the cause is other children? Come ON!

Don’t Bully! simple as that

Your not perfect

Your not better than anyone

Think about it

Popularity isn’t worth someones blood on your hands

it isn’t worth the pain that you’ll feel when you grow up and come to realize you caused someone to end their life

Do not be the cause

Be the voice that stops it

and the hand that leads the victims to safety


A message to those being bullied or who have been “Tell someone, even if your afraid to because as scary as it is to tell someone. It will help.. and there are people out their who will stand by you and end it.

You do not have to be afraid

You were not born to crouch in a corner and cry

You were born to fly and sing

You were born to live

No matter how different you appear to the outsiders

You have just as much right to be here as anyone else

Don’t let anyone break your spirit or heart.




Spit It Out!

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