Signs A Man Only Want’s One Thing

I’ve observed a lot in my life of the things a man says to a woman to get with her. I’m not talking in a relationship either. I’m talking what guys do now which is pretend it’s about having a relationship because they know most girls want that now and the only way to have casual sex is to pretend it’s a relationship. Sure… it sounds like crap, but… the men know how to dress it up in a pretty little dress and stockings to make a woman feel good about it.

So.. to save a woman a month of pain from a break up that could have been prevented I am here to tell you the signs that I have observed.

1. When you meet a guy, let’s say… online and he is desperately wanting to meet you right away. Like he can’t wait another minute. LIFT UP A WARNING SIGN.

Answer: If a man wants to meet you right away after only chatting with you for a few minutes or an hour and he seems desperate to make it happen soon even if it’s a late hour because he claims he can’t wait any longer because he’s so into you. DON”T MEET HIM. He only wants one thing. SEX!

2. When your on a date with a guy and he puts a move on you soon after meeting you and says a line like… “I feel like your so familiar.” Or something that sounds mystical and like fairy tale love.

Answer: Consider it garbage and another way to woe you into his magical sex spell.

3. When a man starts coming on strong on the first date, being very touchy feely with you. He can’t take his hands off of you, be strong no matter the attraction and stop him. Sex on the first date is a huge mistake!

Answer: Once he lands you he’ll fly away. Either that or he will feed you words of commitment and promise only to land you as many times as he can without having to put in any work.

4.Men who compliment with things such as… “Your so beautiful” “Your so sexy” “You turn me on” “I’m so attracted to you” “You feel good” “Your so hot.”

Answer: RUN away. He is only complimenting your physical form. He’s selfish, a player and only wants one thing from you.

5. When you are in a relationship, well at least one you think is one and the man never spends the night especially after having sex with you and makes up excuses for it every time.”

Answer: He only wants one thing and isn’t interested in anything else. Dump him.

6. If a man doesn’t compliment who you are or make you feel good. He’s just not worth it.

7. When men try to change you into something you’re not, end it.

Answer: Your shouldn’t have to be anyone but yourself. Any man that wants you to be something other than who you are, isn’t the man for you.

8. If you’re dating a guy and he doesn’t want to take you out or introduce you to his friends… consider it a dead-end.

9.If a man comes over because you’re dating and wants to hurry up with dinner. Having something fast because he says he wants to get it over with to have more time with you. Meaning SEX!

Answer: He’s just not that into you. He’s into what you can do for him. SEX!

10. If you have a feeling your man is using you or hides you from his family or friends. If he puts everyone before you and doesn’t do anything to show his feelings for you. If he doesn’t even want to be there for you when you need someone.

Answer: Girl! he isn’t that into you.

It’s so easy to fall under the spells of someone because you are wanting to be in love again and have someone special who thinks of you the same, but I’ve learned the hard way that it’s better to be alone, then miserable and end up hurt by another guy who just wasn’t worth it and most defiantly didn’t deserve you in the first place.

Advice: Do not put out on the first date. Make the guy wait. That doesn’t mean you can’t kiss him when the moment comes, but hold off on other things till you know he actually cares about you. Believe me you will know. Everything can be sugar-coated. Men are sneaky and like to feed woman sweet candy words in order to send them on a sugar high of I want you’s. Be strong and don’t let men belittle you and make you feel cheap. You are a strong confident woman and deserve to be loved and cared for by a good man who isn’t just about one thing.

Cross your legs and make him sweat. If he likes you he will respect you and wait. If he doesn’t, he’ll try to pressure you or leave after he knows you wont give in.

Know the signs and beware

Men are getting smarter, but come on ladies… we got intuition. TRUST IT!

10 thoughts on “Signs A Man Only Want’s One Thing

  1. From a guys point of view I agree with every one of your points except maybe #4. I see nothing wrong with giving these compliments as long as there true and sincere, as long as they are not the sole compliemnt and added other genuine and sincere compliments. Its sad you have to tell people not to have sex on the first date. i would think that would be a no brainer. Gee get to know people first. Looks like you have already affected a lot of people that is taking your advice.

    thanks for posting

  2. I’m sorry that you have been hurt so badly. Please think of yourself as more than an object of these men’s sexual desires. You are so much more than that. They should want to experience all of what you have to offer. Try and be patient. Someday the right man will come along, and you will be more than a sex object for him.

  3. Some old fashion rules, proverbs, wives tales… whatever you want to call them, have a lot of truth in them. Your post was directed to women to watch out for men but a lot of what you wrote could be said to men to help them keep their hearts too.
    Thanks for posting.

      1. I didn’t mean men get used for sex. ‘there’s two sides to the coin. Men want sex and women want imotional and financial attachment. Women can be pretty mean to men trying to get those things just as men can be pretty mean trying to get what they want.

      2. No probs. Though the blogs just written about a girls perspective of how to avoid getting hurt by men. Not a men are worse than girls thing. Obviously man of each gender hurt others. I’ve just had a lot of guys in my life who do exactly as I mentioned above and thought I’d share my wisdom. Getting your heart broken repeatedly by so many guys you thought were good makes a girl afraid of relationships. I know I’m pretty scared to fall in love again and trust a guy like that. it’s gotta take a pretty great guy to change that, which doesn’t seem likely right now. Which is okay. 🙂 I have my babies and I am finding it easier and easier to live with just me and my baby. 🙂 I am happy with me. 🙂 Thanks for posting comment.

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