Borders & Limitations

 As an Indigo I find it very hard to understand the reason for the borders. I have heard many human souls express their anger and dislike of others not of their nation crossing their borders and finding a life for themselves. I simply do not understand why there is so much dislike there. This is a large world and we all live in it. There is no owner of it. There is God and then there is us living on this earth that many humans claim as theirs first.


This isn’t kindergarten. “I had it first.” Though that is a lack of sharing behaviour, a well that I also find confusing; what is wrong with sharing something wonderful and making it better?


Don’t you see that you are being treated like cattle and being separated and divided by borders and limitations that bind you to one place based on where you were born and raised? We might as well have tags on our bodies that say what group we belong to and where we must remain forever. Imagine the life we all could have if there weren’t so many limitations and borders.

Though this couldn’t even apply without many other factors I need to cover as well. One being that you need to be more loving and considerate towards another. We are family and we should treat each other as such. Yes there are disagreements between us but having the ability and patience to overcome the childish ways of acting out on them in foolish ignorant ways will completely shift the way we live and make a better tomorrow. It’s not about, “It’s mine.” Or, “I had it first” or even, “She’s black or white.” Whatever the differences may be or the disagreements may be, “His car should be red and faster.”  Why make things into an unlivable environment when you can agree to disagree and find coexistence between each other. An equal ground.


If there were an equal ground beneath us imagine the possibilities of life. A world without limitations and borders dividing us and separating us from, in many cases our loved ones based on whether we belong or not. Or what lies in our wallets. Merely on, I’d like to live near the mountains and have the ability to choose where you grow old and raise a family. What a beautiful life for everyone that would be.


There is many problems in removing borders and limitations I can see, but I stand by it is wrong and unearthly to have such. I believe in equality and love. I believe in having the freedom to live where you are passionate to live surrounding yourself with the beauties of life this world has to offer.


There are gaps in this simply because there are many human souls with ignorant minds who set to be cruel to others and gain power. I understand borders on that account, but I disagree on borders and limitations to those who simply want the good life and have no intention of harming the way of life on the other side. Separating us from each other will not bring peace. I would like to see borders having fewer limitations to those who pose no threat to the safety of others. Who only want to be close to their loved ones or travel? Or gain experience… whatever it may be that has a positive effect. These souls should not receive guilty treatment. It is wrong and unearthly and I see no understanding in it.


3 thoughts on “Borders & Limitations

  1. Well, as far as the family goes, I think you are right about that. Apparently I didn’t read your post very well and I am sorry for that. I think it would make sense that people who arrive here and are good citizens should be able to streamline their family across the border.

    I also don’t believe Government takes God’s place. Deep down inside I think that if the church did a better job of reaching other countries then immigration wouldn’t be as big of a problem… people would be happier wherever they were.

  2. I think the problem with your review of illegal immigration is just that… the “illegal” part. It isn’t that people like myself are against honest, hard-working men and women coming into the country to work. The problem is that doing it illegally hurts BOTH of us. The reason we have laws about immigration is because it allows for a strong country. If we allowed anyone to come into our borders with open arms then we no longer have a country, we have a homogenous blob of land that can belong to anyone no matter your nationality. It sounds great in theory but it is destructive to a government.

    No, a good immigration program allows for love and welcomes foreigns into the borders with open arms. When illegals enter, they come already breaking the law… if everyone were illegal then the government would get no tax at all and would collapse. How would a weak or anarchic government be beneficial to the citizens OR illegal aliens?

    1. I’m talking about people who are trying to live on the other side of a border to be with their family. Why should they be banned to do so and have to have a certain amount of money or aline a job and file work permits and have to fallow rules which the governments say will not help them live there in the end if they don’t meet the high expectations. It’s wrong and I know it and feel it and it should be changed. I agree on keeping out bad people from harming others. I disagree with separating family and not allowing family to be together based on what the government believes is right or wrong and who belongs and who doesn’t. Who made Government God? Completely disagree with your out look. I think there is another way, in fact I know there is.

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