My favourite Chocolate

LINDOR is my all time favorite. 🙂 I love it. It’s sooo damn good.

I got a whole bunch of it for easter from the easter bunny who was my mom and step dad. So sweet. i had no idea they were going to do something like that for me. I was talking to my mom earlier that day and I was telling her how my easter went with kids and joked how the easter bunny forgot me and when I got to her house later she said theirs something strange that came for me in their office and it was my basket hahahaha.

What’s your favourite chocolate?



4 thoughts on “My favourite Chocolate

    1. I can’t stand ferror any more but only because one of my ex’s liked them and he got me his fav chocolate which were those for valentines day. JERK. why would you give someone a gift of your own fav chocolates instead of theirs. dont understand that.

      Godiva? hmm i dont think I know those?

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