Dreampt Of Snakes

I had a dream I was at my moms house and she had the bed laid out for me for spending the night with Niki and for some reason there was some sort of caus going on outside. Inside it was calm and then I found a small snake on the sofa and it startled me and I killed it right away in case it was poisonous. I was protecting my family. I told my mom about it and she didn’t seem bothered by it. Like it was not a big deal, or she was used to it. I found that behaviour or reaction odd and I ignored it keeping an eye out to protect my family.

I found more snakes as the dream went on and I killed them on by one and they turned into fake snakes. It was almost like someone was laying them out fake and making them appear to be alive to frighten us. I thought it odd, but I still kept an eye out for snakes that could harm. I asked my mom why she has a snake problem, like I have a fruit fly problem that keeps recurring in my home and she said they usually come around plants and garbage and I guess moms house they had lots of plants and garbage around. “Strange”

Then I saw this HUGE FAT snake across the room. My gawd that thing was like a dinosaur snake but it was fat and short but I knew it could swallow someone if it wanted to. My mom for some reason went close to it and it swallowed her head but she was still alive and able to talk to me, it was like threatening to get her all and kill her but I grabbed two sharp knifes reassuring mom I’d save her and without any hesitation I sliced the fat snake in half right below where my moms head was and she was free.  After I killed it I was even more protective, making sure another large snake wasn’t crawling about because I had my son there and I didn’t want it to hurt him. My cat cuddles was there for some reason and she didn’t seem bother at all by anything. Pfft.

I told mom we had to leave and go to my place where it’s safe and she finally agreed to and we were on the way out and she told me she had to take out the garbage first and I told her to leave it, but she said Mr. Ed lol who she calls my step dad doesn’t like it when he comes home and the garbage is still there. lol so I ran into this man who was also protecting the outside from something that way going on out there agreed to take it out and help us to my house. For some reason I didn’t trust him and I refused. That’s when I woke up.

4 thoughts on “Dreampt Of Snakes

  1. I bet you will have fun interperting this dream. I have my ideas but I bet your better at it than I am, with your intution and gifts.

    1. I really think it’s about my mom and having to stand up for her or look out for her because someone she may trust may be causing her danger or unpleasantness. Sounds like my long lost brother n his crazy wife. pfft. Its almost mothers day, he always hurts her feelings that day. leaves a gift outside her door in the middle of the night instead of calling or taking her out or waiting till their up to knock on the door n give it to her himself.

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