Allergies Bite Me In Rain

Why is it that my allergies seem totally fine on sunny days, but on rainy days they knock on my nostrils and say, “hey I’m back for the shower.”

At least they’re not as bad as they were before and thanks to the doctor I got some spray for it that seems to help keep it at bay, thank goodness. Spray away the shower HA CHOO!

Tomorrow is suppose to be sunny again, I can’t wait. Yesterday I went out and it was pouring and I got soaked. I can’t use umbrella’s because I push a stroller so you can imagine how wet I get by the time I get home and silly me wore my cute shoes instead of my rain boots. I wanted to look nice. lol It must be the pregnancy because I really want to look nice all the time, haha, oh and smell purdy. I guess to make up for my pimples and big cow tummy that’s forming hahaha. Mooo!

Don’t worry I always crack jokes about cows when I’m pregnant. lol

Does anyone else have allergies more on rainy days, or maybe it’s just a weird me thing. I have a lot of that. lol

One thought on “Allergies Bite Me In Rain

  1. You DONT have a cow tummy and you always look nice. I have to guess on the smell purdy. lol. Should be some way to connect the umbrella to the stroller so you dont have to get wet.

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