Drunk Ass Bee

Omg… so I was walking to the mall and I was wearing my nice scarf and this bee flew towards me and I tried to get out of its way of course because that’s the Mandie thing to do. The bee landed right on my scarf and took a nap. I swear I shook and I shimmered and I squealed “bee” “bee” and Matt My ex had to swat it off of me and kill it with his shoe. At first he couldn’t see it because it blended it with the colors on my scarf. Ekk. i do not like bee’s This one was like, drunk off of my scarf. it didn’t even get mad about the shimmering and swatting it just wanted to take a little nap on me. Crazy ass bee.

Now I’m afraid to wear my scarf haha. Damn bee.



“Hello, I’m Bee Bop and I’d like to Buzzzz, take a nap on your lovely scarf. It’s so purdy. I heard you dislike bees and I thought I would show you we can behave ourselves and just cuddle up against you.”


“Ahhhhh omg, GET IT OFF! GET IT OFF”




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