I’m Drawing Again

I haven’t been inspired to draw in over a year and the other day I got the urge to start again along with painting and making some art I could frame and decorate my walls with. Perhaps even sell a few. 🙂

I am in love with art and I’ve received so many compliments off of my artwork it inspires me more to keep going. My father used to paint and draw when I was a young girl. Mind you his work was a bit on the dark side, but he was a good artist he just never did anything with it.


I’ve chosen pastels to work with which happen to be my all time favorite to create art with because I get to smudge and pour my energy into my project through my fingertips. I love it!


After I’m finished one of the pieces I’m working on I will frame it and the show you how it turned out. I’ve already got the frames for the three drawings I’ll be working on.


One thought on “I’m Drawing Again

  1. Just another one of your many many creative outlets. Your a wonder. I know people would be interested in purchasing your artwork. I would.

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