Oh Yes

So I’m going out tomorrow. Yay!

What fun I shall have, what fun indeed. 🙂

Going to go out for a drink with a friend I made, he’s really nice. I can’t wait, should be really nice. Niki’s going to have a fun time with grandma while I’m out, which he loves. 🙂 he loves his grandma so much. ❤

I’ve smiled so much lately, I think I caught a hanger in my mouth. hahaha

I’m having a really good time this spring, it’s been really nice out lately to. Felt like summer today.

On Saturday I’m going to watch people fight in armour haha. Fun Fun. oh YUS OH yus. DOn’t worry I shall bringeth with me my camera at all times haha. snap snap snap.


I hope everyone is having a wonderful day today. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Oh Yes

  1. Hope your date was a good one. Didnt think it would take long for you to start going out again. I love medievel stuff, as I am assuming thats what your going to see, unless you have really strange neighbors.

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