The night Found Niki

I have had trouble getting my little man to sleep the whole night in his crib. It was to the point my bed became his to and I really don’t want to encourage that habit so I decided, it’s time to learn my little man. I laid him down and just let him cry for what was only about 15 mins on and off and he fell right to sleep and slept from 11:30 until 5:30 am. I am so proud of him for sleeping his own bed that long. 🙂 He didn’t wake up once between then either.

I know going to bed at 11:00 is late for a little man but he’s been teething and he ended up having a late nap while I was out yesterday so…

I hope tonight I can start getting him on a set routine and then we can both get a good nights sleep for a change. 🙂


3 thoughts on “The night Found Niki

  1. Good for you not wanting to start bad habits. So easy not to start them than to break them later. You both will sleep better and be happier in the long run if he sleeps in his only little bed. Bet its hard to tell him no tho. Look at that cute little face.

    1. It’s very hard to resist his little face and crying. I love him so much and he has such a sympathy cry it breaks your heart to hear, but letting him cry it out and realize bed time is a time to sleep and rest up for the next day he has to learn. 🙂

      He’s such a sweet, handsome little man. ❤

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