In the presence of men I’m…Rajesh?

I posted a blog about how I managed to get my sofa taken downstairs but I didn’t go into details of how it came to happen and the journey of it so I thought I would share my story since I’m still laughing about it. It’s really quite a funny  little story and proves how weirdly shy I am and nervous when talking to men. I was with my mom at home and we decided to go out and I was just discussing with her how I needed to get rid of my sofa by Friday when I get my new sofa, well used sofa that is because it’s not new.

I know the thrift store wont take it and I was mentioning to mom how I keep running into the maintenance guy in my building and we hardly speak. I just giggle and he says hi and watch out for paint is usually how short the conversation is. ha!

So I was walking down the hallway to leave with mom and I saw the guy painting and I decided to ask him, I figured just go for it because I really need to get rid of this sofa and mom was with me so she gave me courage. Heres how it went,

Me “Hi… um… I know your just the maintenance guy and you probably don’t do this but I was wondering if you knew anyone that wouldn’t mind moving my sofa from my apartment to downstairs so I could get rid of it. I don’t know anyone so…”

Him “Is that a weird way of asking me to do it?”

Me “Um.. well yeah. I didn’t know who else to ask.”

Him “Okay.. I’ll do it for you.”

Me  “Wow.. really? “Thank you so much.”

Him “how big is the couch, a love seat?”

Me “A little bigger than one”

Him “DO you have a pen so I can give you my number since your going out. What time are you going to be back?”

Me “In about an hour… Um I think I have a pen.” Looks through purse.

He takes out a pen and finds a paper and starts giving me the number while my mom  talks about how I have three other kids after he asked about Niki and how old he was and then he mentioned how he has two girls and the situation with his ex etc and mom was chatting about mine and how i have three others etc.

Okay so then I get the number and we are all talking now about other stuff like custody and kids and ex’s and then  I hand back the pen and paper and he tells me to give him a call when I’m back so he can come get the sofa. I say okay and mom and I go to leave when I realize I don’t know where I put the paper with his number on it so I am like,

“Wait… where did I put the number.”

Him “Did you give it back to me?”

He checks and realizes I did and gives it back and says, “you probably took my pen and gave me the number back.”

Me “Did I?”

Then we both laugh and then I leave.

Then he came to get sofa later after I called and he’s like, “This isn’t a love seat.”


The sofa is so big and bulky I can’t even believe he got it out of here. What a funny little story. I still can’t belive the way I asked him, “Is that a weird way of asking me?” hahahaa

One thing you should know about me is I aint one to ask for things. I kind of hint at what I need or want and hope the other offers to avoid having to really ask. I am not sure why, I just don’t  want to ask and I  find it really difficult to. hahaha

Oh and then he  was very surprised when he found out I was almost 28 and when he thought I was 16. Rofl

I just said “I’m immortal” and he responded, “A vampire?”

I said, “yes.” and that was pretty much the last thing besides where he told me to put the cushions when I take them down.

I am so glad and relived the couch is gone. 🙂

3 thoughts on “In the presence of men I’m…Rajesh?

    1. Haha my answer is always immortal :p it’s the only way to explain it rofl. WHo knows it may very well be true. No one would believe me any ways even if I’m telling the truth haha. Well until I hit 50 and still look 16 then I might have to escape some scientists who want to learn about me. I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it and use my Mandie Kung-fu haha

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