B Is for Beezzz “Mom’s The Word”

I have a slight fear of bees and that’s putting it mildly. I am terrified of bees is more honest and fact. I will run away when I see a bee and clench up and eek and squeel and wine and you name it, you and everyone else knows how afraid of bees I am.

I have a balcony and it’s so nice outside, I would like to sit outside and just enjoy the sunlight and let Niki play because he loves being outside to. So I took him outside and we were sitting out their for a second when I heard instant buzzing and immediately we were surrounded by 5 bees and I grabbed Niki and ran inside with him and the bees started pounding there heads into my screen trying to get in. It was like the bee movie. it was creeping me out. I couldn’t stand it, I was afraid and there was no way I wanted those bees to come inside. I watched them making sure they couldn’t and I couldn’t believe how many there were and how fast they came after me when all I was doing was sitting quietly outside.

My mom and I began to wonder if there was a nest somewhere on my balcony, perhaps in the wood part above the balcony so we started watching the bees when they flew around outside and we noticed they were going into a little hole in the top wood of the balcony and there was in fact a home-made for them and that’s why they were trying to come after me. They were protecting their home and I was their intruder when this is my turf.

So mom wasn’t going to have it. Ha ha

She grabbed three different kinds of cleaner from my cupboard and first sprayed some onto a cloth that was tied onto a broom and started spreading it along the wood beam above the balcony and then when she found the exact hole where the bees lived she sprayed lysole inside of it and a bee came by minutes later to return home and flew away from the smell. After the smell faded it went inside the hole. Mom wasn’t going to have it, so she got a tiny piece of cloth and shoved the piece into the bees hole and another bee flew at her and she ran inside and watched the bee try to get into it’s home but it couldn’t. It was our entertainment after that, watching the bee pound its head into the wood near its home trying to find the entrance. Bye Bye bee home.

Mom rocks!

6 thoughts on “B Is for Beezzz “Mom’s The Word”

  1. I have never seen long, dark ones before. Your so much further North, maybe its a different kind of wood bee. If the posion kills one you can always take it to someone who knows. They are fat as bumble bees here.

      1. If they are special alien imposter wood bees, leave it up to them to visit a special person on our planet. If they ask you to take them to your leader, please let us know.

  2. Sounds like your mom is a great mom. That must BEE where you get it from. lol Those are wood bees or sometimes known as carpenter bees. They are everywhere here and I have them drilling holes in my front porch and my deck out back. . Look like giant bumble bees. They wont hurt you. They might if you pick them up but they hover near things that are near where their making a nest to try and get whatever is there to leave (guess it worked in your case lol) Its better to use a posion in a powder form and put it in their hole and not plug the hole. If you plug the hole and there is one in there it will just keep drilling. Also, they usually wont drill when the wood is painted. Maybe your building will do something because if your having problems so are your neighbors and they will eventually make enough holes that things will fall down, not for a long time but it will happen.

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