Tim Hortons “Ice Cream”

  • Like ItTM (Small)
  • Love ItTM (Medium)
  • Gotta Have ItTM (Large)
Tim Hortons now has ice cream and don’t be fooled by the image of it because it lies. I recently tried the ice cream and the cup I got was not even half full and the ice cream was watery as though it had sat there for a while and it hardly had any cookie in it that I asked for. Come on Hortons, stop being stingy. I really dislike the ice cream there.
For those who don’t have a clue what Tim Hortons is because your American, it’s okay, there there. Tim Hortons is the most popular coffee place in Canada. It’s our Starbucks but with donuts that actually taste good. :0 “Did I just say that?” Yes I did.
The cup sizes for the ice cream are lame, Like it, love it, gotta have it. Well I can’t choose either of those because it doesn’t fit into any of them. I might as well have asked for “Thought I’d Try It”
Or “I shouldn’t have”
Those are more like it.
Yucky ice cream, make it better.


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