Woman That Diet

What is it with woman? I’m a woman but I have never freaked out over my weight, sure, after I have a baby I am fat and feel fat and want to lose my baby weight and get my old body back but I know that takes time, exercise and just getting back in my eating routine. You see while we are pregnant our appetite changed, it severely increased because we were eating for two and now we are back to one but still in the habit of eating for two and if your breast feeding forget about it, you need all that food to keep your milk healthiest for baby.

I always manage to get back into shape after a full year though. Lucky me, but what ever.

It really annoys me when woman talk about their weight like they talk about the weather or their favorite thing to do. I mean come on, forget about it and just do something about it, stop talking about it to me and complaining. It really does annoy me, I am not even going to say who does it because so many woman around me that I talk to do it and it is getting on my nerves and the fact that their skinny already just bugs me even more.

They think that just diet will fix it but you need exercise to, hell even I did. I danced and did my work outs at home to get back in shape after I had my children and I did it as soon as I got my energy back. I didn’t wait.

I just want to tell all you woman who do this, please…. if you don’t like what you see, change it. DOn’t complain about it every second of the day to everyone and point it out because the fact is, it isn’t as bad as you make it and your much thinner then you say or think you are and your freaking annoying me with all this diet talk to the point I want to jump into your body and work it out to size and give it back so that you stop.

Don’t make me pull out my hair.

Who knows someone like this?

Wait… don’t tell me it’s you?

One thought on “Woman That Diet

  1. LOL I can honestly say its not me. I think this is a problem with our society. Everbody wants things to go great and perfect with no effort or sacrifice on their part. As you so eloquently stated, it doesnt work like that.

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