The Secret Of Panties Girls Don’t Share

We keep secrets? Oh gawd no. (nods head viguriously)<okay wrong spelling, I did that on purpose so you could fix it.

I am about to share something sacred about girls that I really shouldn’t because I have given an oath as a girl that I wouldn’t but I don’t believe in gender crap, the world should know the truth about us.

When we go shopping we look to buy panties and bras, the cute sexy ones that make us look and feel great and we’re not thinking, hey my man or this guy will love this. Oh no man. We are thinking, gawd I look good and feel good in this set. It’s not for men at all, we just let you believe it is and tell you it is so you don’t feel left out. The truth is we bought it to feel sexy underneath it all and dance around in our panties and bra at home alone to our favourite song in our favourite shoes while we drink margaritas and talk to our girlfriends on the telly.

It’s for us boys, sorry to knock that secret out of the candy box but you have to know.

When I wear a matching panty and bra set or matching panty and undershirt set which is more truthful since i hate bras with a passion of hate, I feel great and i know it’s going to be a great day.

Thats where it’s at boys.

So stop sitting around thinking we’re wearing this fancy ass shit for you, it’s for us and us ladys like to feel great and look great and if we do that’s all the box of peanuts we need in life.

I can get an orgasm just sitting in a great pair.

I know that sounds bad, but it was suppose to.


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